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Tugberk Ugurlu - Let the Uncertainty be Your Friend: Finding Your Path in a Wiggly Road

Choosing the right area to focus on has a tremendous effect on the path of success for your organization's products and services. This is especially important when you are operating under uncertainty in an exploratory fashion, where it's not clear what your customers' needs and core jobs are. Challenge is to know whether you are channelling your efforts to solving the right problems for your customers. Are they reliably able to tell you what is not quite working as expected with your products?
In this talk, I will introduce you the Hypothesis-Driven Development approach which lets you build software in an uncertainty in an iterative way by testing the assumptions about your customers and also allows you to see development iterations as experiments. Besides going through this in theory, I will also give you a real-world example for the implementation of this approach in Web application in coordination with the help of tools such as Google Analytics, Hotjar and Intercom.
This approach will let you have another tool in your tool belt in order to succeed when operating in an uncertain problem space. By the end of the talk, you will also have a good example to take away and relate to your next challenges in a similar context.