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Laura Savino - Reading in a New Language

You've written in many languages since your first "hello world"-but how did you become fluent? And now that you're more senior, how well do your teammates understand the code you write? We'll draw parallels between human languages & code-and show how willpower & empathy can improve fluency in both.

We'll dive into the skills & contexts that are needed for learning new languages & ideas, and investigate how to apply those to code we write. We'll map the course from an excited beginner to a sometimes world-weary expert; we'll discuss how to respond when a team member says they don't understand our code; we'll talk about the role that working memory & energy play in comprehension; and we'll have a grand time exploring idiosyncrasies from human languages around the globe.

Reasonable people disagree (sometimes passionately!) about what readable code means-in this session, we'll define readability, then dig into why it matters, how to achieve it, and when it's worth the effort.